January Comic Discussion Thread

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Re: January Comic Discussion Thread

Postby berlinknives » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:07 am

Chuckles wrote:Not only did we experience the long arm of the copyright law, but we also lost the second of the two pre-canon McNinja stories, the one where, well, I expect everyone here knows, but just in case --

-- the one where you find out what a McNinja burger does to your physiology. You could say you'll be part of the jet set for sure. . . .

Icalasari, I think it's not so much that Hastings wants us to be afraid of clowns, as he's crossed Ronald McDonald with the Joker. So, now Donald (is his first name "Donald"?) McBonald is a real crazy badass businessman.

Now, shall we take guesses as to who is saying "I've seen enough" in panel 4?

Best guess Radical ...

Seriously you could have a long list from Judy and Yooshi to Bearclaw and Beeman to Chuck and Hortense to Raynor and Dracula for this.

So many crackpot pairings ... Christina and Sparklelord is my favourite.
dexeron wrote:HOORAY! It's Chekov's Nasaghast!
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Re: January Comic Discussion Thread

Postby CheeseWhisper » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:58 am

BTW, fart burgers do not alter your physical appearance as far as we know. They only provide fuel for the organic jetpack that grows out of insanely sick abs.
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