The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Lich king » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:49 pm

The little bastard that I had caught was struggling like a madman, so I punched him in the face and placed against the wall of the alley. "Ok punk who the hell are you!" I asked the kid. He said nothing so a punched him again "I said who are you!"
he still didn't answer so I clocked him again. I heard him spit and I saw two holes appear in the snow, holes that looked like teeth. I was about to give when he mumbled something, "What did you say?" I asked. "I said my name is Arthur Griffin Dr. Tesla sent me to give you a message".
"Oh really?"I asked
"Well then what was the message?"
"He told me to tell you that he will not hold back on you if you choose to align yourself with Herr Frankenstein"
Well it's not like I had much of a choice I thought to myself as I remembered the night I came back to life.
"Well you can tel Tesla that I'm not afraid of him and his invisible lackeys" I told the kid
"Ha! You will be"
"I'm sure I will" and with that I punched him in the face knocking him out. I was about to levae when I thought of something.
I concentrated hard on my hand, and sure enough thick black claws sprouted from my fingers.
"Now I wonder whether the good doctor could use some of your blood" I said as a smile crossed my face.
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Seamus O'Seamus » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:19 pm

I'm alive!
I'm alive?
That doesn't seem right. I must be doing something wrong.
But, here I am, awake and kicking on the carpet that was clean, once upon a time. I try to wiggle my toes. Yep, still got feeling there. And they don't seem to be bleeding anymore.
Remembering my guests, I look around. The back room and the front door are open. Nothing else. I listen as hard as I can. Silence. Looks like they're gone...and I can't say that I'll miss them.
My hand is numb, a dead weight on my torn throat. I turn my head to one side experimentally, snapping back in horror when I feel bone grinding against my hand.
Time to assess.
Option 1: Wait here until someone finds me. I'm not very fond of this one, because, knowing this town, that someone may mistake me for an organ donor.
Option 2: Call for help. Hmm. Doesn't seem so hard.
I open my mouth, ignoring the civil war being fought in my stomach, and try to summon words. Taurus sends a swift kick in the crotch my way as I get that same feeling in my neck. Only this time, it hurts. I bring my other hand up and cover the hand I had there, trying to quash the pain. Needless to say, that doesn't work very well. There were two upsides to that experience, though: I know that if I want help, I need to do it myself. And that jolt gave me the energy I needed to get up. Blood drips between my fingers as I raise myself up, leaving spots on my coat. I double over, awkwardly sweep my leg forward and get on my foot. Repeat the process, and now I'm standing.
If I wasn't bleeding, I could say that I had planned it.
The specks turn into droplets and the droplets turn into drops and the drops turn into a stream as I stagger to the kitchen, remembering the first aid kit I always kept under the sink.
What? That's a great place to keep a first aid kit. If you spent as much time getting knocked out as I did, it would occur to you too.
The minutes crawl by like leeches as I tear the gauze and wrap it around my neck. And more, and more. Soon enough, I take my hand off and examine my handiwork in the mirror. I look miserable, but it's not because of the wound. Breathing is difficult, speaking impossible. I pocket the gauze and stare at the lights, wondering why it's so dark. Then I remember the gun. I lean down and get as close a possible without touching it. The cylinder looks fine, but the barrel looks like frozen soup.
I sit down on my couch, just thinking. I can't stay here for long, really, I can't stay in any one place for long. I can't go to a hospital because they'll be looking for me.
Not much seems certain for me at this point. One thing, however, shines like an exploding star: I won't look for him. Oh no. But if I ever cross paths with that goon again...
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby xkazzoo » Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:35 am

From the pages of The Ballad of Billy Hocus...


10 years before the multi-verse incident-

I grew up with Franco Lombardo. I know him better than anyone. And still, I can't predict what the hell he'll do in a life-or-death situation. For example, the both of us are currently in the middle of a holdup. All we wanted to do was have a friendly lunch at a corner Chinese restaurant. Well, some guys feel that they can pick on some foreigners who are just trying to make a living in this crazy world. These ruffians look like they might as well have come in white sheets. They walked in right as we were paying the check. At first we were just going to let them by; no use getting in some stranger's face. But Franco notices the bulge on the inside of one guy's jacket. When he turns and catches the guy's arm, the other three pull out their gats. Suddenly we're staring down the barrel, precisely where I try not to be.

The first guy shakes off Franco's grip and pull's out his own revolver. He aims it at the restaurant owner, starts making demands concerning the cash register. Something about these guys makes me think that they aren't just gonna take the money and run. The world goes into slo-mo. I can see the guy's hand slowly pull back the hammer. His finger's tightening on the trigger. He's gonna blow the owner away, just like that. Everything stops...

... like I said, I never know what Franco will do when a life is on the line. What could he do, they had guns and we didn't. Well, I give the guy points for innovation. The last thing these mooks expected was a face full of kung-pow chicken and chow mein. While the robbers are busy trying not to be blinded by soy sauce, Franco goes up to the nearest guy and puts him down in the fastest way possible. He kicked him in the nuts. The other three guys stop clutching their eyes and bring up their revolvers, but they have nothing to aim at. The owner is already out the back door. Me and Franco ducked out the front while we could. I feel bad for the owner, but his life is worth more than the few dollars in the cash register.

We run down a couple blocks before we slow up. I can't help but smile, even after facing down a loaded gun like that. Franco smacks me over the back of the head.

"What's wrong with you!? We could've died back there and all you can do is grin like a crazy person!?"

"Speak for yourself Boy Scout! You just had to get involved! It's not like you have to be a hero. People die! It's life!" I turn and point a finger at him, "You have to accept that, or you are gonna end up on the coroner's table with a toe-tag and a bullet in yur thick skull!" I walk away, waiting for him to say something back. Instead he just tilts his head back and laughs.

"You're just mad because I threw your dinner at them. You cheap bastard," he says with a grin that splits his face.


10 years later-

Well, I can't say for sure, but I think that the world has gone all wrong. I remember clearly seeing Dr. Frankenstein and what must have been one of his mad experiments trying to break into a Tesla building. Then it all gets a little fuzzy. The sky started tearing open, and all of the worlds nightmares began pouring out. I grabbed the girl and bolted into the nearest building, a Chinese corner restaurant. Once inside, I quickly barricaded the front doors, then the back.

We should be safe in here. The dame looks a little shaken. I go over to make sure she's okay.

"Hey, lady, you gonna be alright?" she doesn't respond. I move over to see if she's in shock, that was a mistake. She's got the gat under my chin in a second.

"Hang on there cowboy, I'm fine, and I wanna know one thing right now. How do you know that werewolf, and why shouldn't I kill you?" she's a live one alright, she's not foolin' around neither.

"Listen dollface, I don't know nuthin' bout no flea-bitten freakshow, so you could ya please get the roscoe away from my throat before you and you're itchy trigger finger send my final thoughts into the ceiling?" I start to gently put my hand around her wrist.

"Hold up there ace," she thrusts the gat harder into my vocal chords, " if you don't know the wolf-man,then why did you go out of your way to stop him? You don't look like the heroic type."

I don't feel like discussing my business interest with this dame, so I turn the conversation back on her, "Wait up, dollface. For starters, why are you after the furball? Nice girl like you shouldn't be playing dog-catcher in this town," She looks hard into my eyes, as if she's searching my soul. I don't know if it's my charming attitude or just that she finally got that I wasn't a threat, but she puts the gun back into its holster in her jacket.

"My name is Bella Donalds, and I'm a monster-hunter."

Well, little lady is more than she seems.

I'd ask her if she knows anything about the general madness erupting in the skies above, but our sweet little chat is interrupted by a body flying through the back wall. Bella already has her gun pointed at the unfortunate sap, but I put a hand up to her, signaling that it's alright.

"What's happenin' milkshakes? Did ya feel like a little Chinese before the world ends?

Franco Lombardo, that crazy little...
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby MetalNinja » Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:32 pm

Stood there in the wreckage that was once a prominent building in Wasusy with two out of the three people I was with down temporarily really didn't feel so great. Wasusy always has a way of throwing something at you when you least expect or need it. That's when the noise came... but it was more than a noise, it was a sensation. A thumping sound growing ever clearer and louder, a thumping vibration going along with it moving from the ground and up my legs into the pit of my stomach and the top of my skull as I heard it each time, each time ever clearer, sharper and harder than the time before. Something was coming.
I turn.. Oh, THAT'S what's coming. Yup... Wasusy can be a real bitch when she wants to be.

Looking down the street I see that it's full, full of... me? Thousands upon thousands of MetalNinja's. One steps forward as I tread closer to the crowd:
"I'm guessing you're the MetalNinja of this pitiful universe." The spokesmen of the crowd stated pretty clearly. He seemed completely confident in whatever it was he was here to do. Looking round the crowd though, I could tell they were all me but... different, looking round there were gangsters with tommy guns, samurai warriors, huge muscular guys, smaller, faster-looking guys and hell even ninjas and what you'd call masters of the fine arts of combat.

"If you're looking to recruit me to come and join your gang, you better start treadin', I ain't going nowhere out of this city and I've already got a partner," I said as I signalled toward my downed teammate.

"HAHA! That's sweet, you think we're here to get you to join us? The only reason we banded together was to come here and destroy you MetalNinja. You and this disgusting city."

Preventing my face from projecting the surprise of hearing such a thing I ask why.

"We ain't completely sure, but this city, we know, is a mess. And orders are orders... you should know that. So here we are, first we're gonna start with you, then your pals over there and in 24 hours this whole city is going to be wiped room the memories of the multiverse. The door is shutting on your world for good."

"You really think you can do that?!" I shout, directed at all of the crowd assembled in front of me. "You think I'll let you do that?!"

"You have no choice! Take a look around you! Do you really think you can defeat all of us?"

"I guess there's only one way to find out isn't there? But let me guess... you all fall unconscious from time to time? And even if in the most dangerous circumstances you don't seem to die or come out with serious injuries? .... well your silence tells me that ones a yes, but, I wonder if you have the same... ability that I do?"

The blank look across every single one of their faces explains it all, they have no idea what I am on about, looks like the people in this Wasusy have certain... things about them that are completely unknown to their other selves. Damn I love this city.

"I'm a reader, since you didn't know. I can read anyone's moves, no matter what they're doing and examine it in seconds so as to perform the task they are myself, to an average degree. Of course to master it takes all of my concentration, but still faster than it would take for anyone else. Say.. three days tops?"


"Right then, guess we'd better get this started hadn't we? You all know the rules - one at a time, to the death. That's the honourable way, THAT'S why we're called MetalNinja... partially at least."

In seconds a circle has formed round me by the other MetalNinja's and the first challenger has stepped forward - the spokesman for the group.
Taking him out in a matter of minutes, a flow of MetalNinja's coming at me one by one seems like a wave, no break for a breather, no rest for the wicked, just a constant bombardment of guys with different skills for me to study, imitate and use to find their weakness and exploit it. But I don't care about not having any breaks... I need to do this, I need to prove myself.. prove myself to Owen, my partner in crime, the guy I look up to more than anyone else, the only person in this city I could call a friend... I need to prove myself to Robin, she's down for the count a second time and once again I can help, but this time it's only I who can help... and Miss P, I can't let them get to her - the city needs someone like her, it needs her... I can tell.

Storing all of the details of skills as I go for the hours upon hours of combat, I finally come to the last MetalNinja. Huh.. a Ninja.. who'd have thought? This guy's harder than the rest... these skills could REALLY come in handy for the jobs with Owen, I remember this for later. This set of skills is going to take me a freakin' week to learn though. It'll be worth it. The Ninja-me is dealt with after half an hour, guy was definitely the best of the bunch.. well.. other than me that is.

Fatigue kicks in as I fall down onto one knee and Miss P kindly rushes over, checking I'm ok.

"What the hell was that?!" She exclaims

"Don't ask" I answer

As I stumble to Owen's side he looks at me, seemingly better than he was before:
"I never knew you could do that, what other surprises do you have for me?"

"Maybe another time my friend, get some rest."

"At least I know how you got so good at shooting now, the way you took out that clown outside Pearl's by shooting it in exactly the same place I did was unbelievable."

I smile as he smiles back, letting out a little chuckle as he does. "It's my turn to protect you, Owen... until you get your strength back, Miss P will look after Robin."
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby helios » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:48 pm

I check my belt. Yes, I still have a nitrogen bomb left. After fighting villians like Clayface for as long as I have, you start carrying something for each of the major villians, if you can. It's the same reason I have a heating system built into the Batsuit, but with Ms. Freeze.
I hurl the bomb at the lumbering figure, and see it hit at the exact place and time as the one thrown by my double. Clayface roared incoherantly, as the liquid nitrogen flooded over him, freezing the protoplasm. A dragline or two swung around the frozen form, and he would be no trouble.
I nod in thanks at Batman, and see him doing the same. If he hadn't done the same, Clayface could have been trouble. One nitrogen bomb wouldn't have knocked him down nearly as fast.
I wonder for a moment why us Bats are the only doubles that aren't hunting down our in-verse twin. Maybe the rift only drew out the evil doubles? If there are no evil Bats, then the rift takes what it can get? Who knows? I have a brain wave.
"We need to find the clown. Find out what the hell is going on." Batman nodded.
We begin to move away. I look back at Franco.
"You coming?"
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby xkazzoo » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:54 am

"You coming?"
"Hey, get up!"

Urgh. I'm gonna be feeling that tomorrow. Whatever that Clay-thing was, it sure as hell hit me good, threw me through a damn wall. Looks like the Batwoman and her buddy were able to take him down well enough. Unlike them I don't have any tricks up my sleeves. Actually, I'm running out of sleeves. My shirt's lookin' pretty shabby. Dang, I like this one. Oh well, at least I found Billy and the dame. Looks like they held up in a restaurant. The Batwoman's calling me, looks like they have a plan, or maybe they just don't like sticking to one spot too long.

"Franco, what did I tell you about making an entrance? You gotta be a little more graceful next time," Billy lends me a hand, still has that damned smile on his face. Some things never change.

The girl's got a revolver in her hand, .38 special by the looks of it. Lady's packing some serious heat. I take Billy's hand and struggle to my feet. Nothing broken, no cuts or bruises (nothing new at least). Figures, the wall looks like it was held together with candle wax. I stretch my arms back and pop my spine a couple times. This exercise always get's me limbered up.

"So, you two have fun on your little date? 'Cause I've just been in Wonderland over here," I wipe a little blood away from a cut above my eyebrow.

"Look, Franco, whatever is going on here, we need to make ourselves scarce, there's no need to be a her-,"

"Hold up, Billy, there's something big going down here. Something dangerous. Now tell me you don't wanna get a piece of the action here. Or have you gotten to comfortable in the office?" If I weren't such a good friend of Billy's he might have seen that as an insult. But he had no intentions of leaving all this behind. He always wanted to be where the action was.

"One of these days we're gonna die getting into all this trouble, Franco,"

"Us? Die? We couldn't let such a travesty occur now could we?" I give him a pat on the shoulder.

"Hey, if you two crazies are done over there, that lady with the cape is getting impatient, we better move," Bella makes her way out the back door, stepping over the remains of the wall. I gesture to Billy.

"After you, Mr. CEO,"


Walking the streets of Wasusy is probably filed under one of the more dangerous pass times, even without the whole inter-dimensional war goin' on. We must look like a bunch of nutjobs, walking in the snow. The Dynamic Duo over there used there fancy hook-shooters to survey up ahead. When they come back I can't really read their faces.

"So, any idea where we are right now?" the big guy speaks up first.

"Looks like we're heading towards the Wasusy Times, or what's left of it,"...

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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby 42nd » Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:14 pm

I sit in the corridor next to the door I had just peeked through and was weighing my options and next move. A deafening explosion rocks the floor above me. It looks like my plans will have to be put on hold. Again.

Rushing back, I stare in horror and mute rage at the door to my own dimension blown off its hinges. The door frame about to collapse in on itself, the souring smell of chemical smoke and charred wood. I reach into my satchel, dig out a roll of duct tape, and start to try and cover up the hole to prevent any more leakings. After a while, I realize that I probably could undo more of the damage on the inside and curse myself softly for not thinking of that sooner.

The city has went to heck in a hand basket. Crime running rampant, brother against brother, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth.... Oh, wait... All that's pretty normal, but the gaping interdeminsional hole in the sky with alternate versions of Wasusy citizens pouring out and it's surrounding maelstrom threatening to undermine reality is fairly new.

I fly across the city assessing the damage, looking for whoever's screwing with my city. My rage only acerbates the surrounding storm; red and yellow lightning flashes. Then I spot Clara. More specifically, I notice Little Miss Contract Breaker and who she isn't with. Should've known she'd be involved in this somehow. I ignore the rest of her entourage and speak with her directly. There are lessons she has to learn; there are serious reasons she has to stick close to Franco and serious consequences if she doesn't. I'm brief and show a rare moment of leniency; I should have been more strict (Broken terms, broken contract equals broken everything, after all.), but I have more serious business to conduct, much more serious. Still I have to show her that her actions do have consequences. I pull a plug on her consciousness and watch it drain out like bathwater down a drain, she'll be knocked out for a few days, a week at a most, and then conjure a giant badger costume, place her in it, and make sure the zipper on the back is good and jammed.

I resume my monstrous duty and climb to the portal in the sky to see what I can do here, the eldritch forces are strong here. At least the duct tape I put on the other side has stopped the flow of the other citizens. Grabbing both sides of the rift, I forcefully try to pull it close it; it puts up a heck of a fight wanting to consume all. I couldn't do it alone, knowing really that the only one who could close it was the one who opened it.

"All right, where's the clown who did this?! He's dead meat!" My roar is punctuated by scarlet lightning. Much to my surprise and amusement, I notice him on the rooftop of the King's Hotel, and he is an undead clown, dancing a madman's dance and preaching his gospel of war and destruction.

"You!" The clown stops dead in his tracks; I have his full attention now. "I am the warden and guardian of this dimension, this city. You want to destroy it? You're going to have to go through me." I invoke the forgotten name of that ancient order; the dark red, almost black, wicked armor of a knight pulled from the aether coalesces around my body. The claymore I wield ignites, burning brightly, shining in the darkness. I spread my newly armored wings and rush him.

The End is nearing.

In Wasusy, it is snowing.
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Lich king » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:44 pm

I had slit the kids throat and placed some of the blood on a handkercheif that I had in pocket and left him in the alley knowing that no one would ever find him. I walked out of the alley way and went to Pearl's. When I got there I asked for burger. "Medium-well?" the waitress asked. I answered rare. I looked around the diner and saw some guy staring at me but I didn't mind. I turned back around and the girl was was back with the burger "I don't know how you can eat this" she said looking a little disgusted at the bloody meat on the bun. "It's an aquired taste" I answered back. I picked up the burger and took a bite out of it. It was delicious, sweet with a slightly metallic taste from the blood in other words, heaven. I was about to take another bite when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I managed to duck just in time as a fist swung by where my head used to be. I swung around and saw the man that had been staring at me and was able to get a closer look at him. He had a strange lightning-bolt shaped tattoo on his neck. I lunged at him knocking him to the ground and then picked him up by the neck of his coat. "What's the big idea pal?" I snarled at him. "Didn't Artie warn you? Dr.Tesla has sent his best men to kill or capture you, personally I'd just rather kill you and get it over with" he said as he pulled a silver knife out of his pocket. I grabbed his hand and twisted it causing him to drop the knife, then I kneed him in the gut. I let him fall on the floor and I kicked him in the head. "What was that all about?!" I turned around saw the waitress looking a little exasperated.
"You Pearl?" I asked. "Yeah but what's it to you?" she said. I pulled out a twenty and tossed it to her "Sorry about the mess" I said walking out of the diner.
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Laca-Dread-sical! » Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:45 am

The Dragon rushes me... in anger, no real suprise there.
Mr.Blue steps in and smacks the dragon back.

"You really think I care about you? Do you think you scare me? I am far greater than you can imagine. Were you to know what drove my actions you would find it just. I have planed my revenge since the beggining of time, I am far, far older than you. You will never stop me."

He gets up with an ethereal grace and charges me. Blue is fading, the dragon wounded him gravely. Within an inch of me the dragon stops and I showed what true power was. He was sent flying across the city.

"To be perfectly honest I believe we could just talk this over, were we to fight the city wold be destroyed anyway. You wouldn't want that would you?"

He's behind me but I don't turn around until the last second. My kick landed right on his face and knocked him back, cracking his armor. A building nearby crumbles from sheer eldritch force.

A voice crashes through the city destroying even more buildings.

It didn't use words but what it meant was clear.

I turn to the dragon.

"Don't worry this is only a distraction, I'll be right back to you."

I look up one last time .

In Wasusy, all things end...
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Lich Lord » Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:18 pm

I woke up tired, drained...I had no idea where I was or who I first. It all came rushing back to me. The experiment, the Tesla.....and that damn werewolf. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but an alley way, I held my hand in front of my face and couldn't see it, but this was to be expected. I was invisible, and I was bleeding to death. I knew I had to get up but I had no strength left. I tried again and managed to get to my knees. I looked around and saw the doctors symbol, a lightning bolt with with a star behind it, on a wall. I crawled towards it and tapped it lightly causing the wall it was on to slide out of view revealing a elevator. I managed to get to my feet and I stumbled my way into it. I pressed the fifth floor button and was sent down to Tesla's HQ and then I passed out.
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